• kris
    November 27th

    Ricardo Lino posted up this dope sequence from a shoot with sponsor Ennui. Suited up to make this 180 bar look professional as possible. Dig it.



    June 10th

    Well this is a pretty cool bit form Ricardo. Looks like one of his homies and Portuguese shredder Diogo Santos threw down on his ride. Feeble bars both ways and that double nosie over to double are both real good.



    February 4th

    I saw that Ricardo posted that this would be up later…anddd he delivered. Another visit to Bridge Park means cool stuff down down by the water in Portugal. Lino got the fakie grinds on lock. So long of a double there at the end. Looks so nice out there. Stay on the Grime for more.


    January 17th

    Quick clip from Lino getting some new grinds in. This is always a sick trick…I want to see this down a street ledge Lino! Rainy days suck but you can always do some garage seshing to kill the time. Get more on The Lino Life.


    December 31st

    Ricardo is a media machine! He’s constantly shooting out videos and photos to keep us up to date on whats good in Portugal. Check this reel of his “Best Of” clips from 2012 to get you stoked as we transition into 2013. Chances are you’ve seen most of this if you were paying attention at all this year but regardless there’s some man size rails and ledges in this. Check them again. Grime and Lino finishing off 2012 strong.