• kris
    October 4th

    There are few things I enjoy as much as cycling and urban exploration is easily right there with it. On their Japan adventure back in May The Roosters took to the dilapidated ruins of Nara’s Dreamland theme park for a few laps in the past. Built in 1961 the park has been closed since ’06 and slowly deteriorating into the perfect glimpse into days gone by. A great stop on what had to be a trip for the books…more from The Roosters here!



    August 3rd

    Some great visuals from The Roosters to get the week started…


    February 11th

    With spring on its way all I can think about lately is bike adventures like this one here from The Roosters. After seeing the trailer for this last week I’ve been itching to give it a look for a little trip motivation. These dudes sure as hell had a good time making their way from Madrid to Bordeaux over four days. I won’t be making it to Europe any time soon but you can bet I’ll be chasing some of this scenery. Hit their page for more or give them a follow for the daily!