• kris
    November 1st

    Been watching old skate flicks lately. Granted this came out in ’96 which was a few years before I got into skating but a lot of these dudes were idols for years. Always dig the old Thrasher stuff and I’m sure some of you are still pumped on this too. Peep some history.

    August 8th

    Volume just upped the page for the new V2 Thrasher. Things looking pretty spiffy with the new dropouts, bigger tire clearance and those sick decals. Those are probably my favorite frame graphics yet.

    January 24th

    They posted up there black and bronze bits last week and now have these real fresh white and red completes up. Volume with a really good looking complete build no doubt.

    May 22nd

    Sorry for the lack of updates…just graduated from collegeee. Finals week was a bit rough but im back at it! Jensen killing some stuff on his Thrasher. One of the most legit dudes doin this stuff.

    April 30th

    Volume getting Steven Jensen in on their Thrasher ad campaign…Steven rips real good!

    December 17th

    Its been up…but i want to post it. So bam. Volume thrasher builds in your face.

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