• kris
    December 24th

    Sick days suck. At least I some cool stuff to watch some rad stuff yesterday while confined to my couch.

    This CSK mixtape is too good with clips from the divisions all over the states to celebrate their new jackets. So much creativity in here from everyone. Jackson’s toe dragger at 5:00 and Sam’s hop over tooth were a couple good ones and Chris Clappes whole part got me wanting to ride. Rather than giving you a grocery list of good stuff just watch and hit CSK to stay warm.



    September 3rd

    This came in from up north over the weekend. Charlie Suave is one of the only dudes shredding a FGFS bike in Montreal and by the looks of it he rides pretty often. Some cool spots and quick snappy lines in a mix of park and street clips. Want to point out that this dude actually pedal sets riding fakie…none of that shitty baby hop bs. Dig the edger line toward the end!



    March 3rd

    So hyped on this new shot from Matt! I’ve been a huge fan of super long shota lately as they give you a whole new perspective on shit. So much of fixed freestyle or sports in general is up close and personal…you can really lose your place in it all. This is flick definitely lets you grasp how small we are. Seriously trying to get a print of this for my wall. One of the best photos I’ve seen in a while.


    October 4th

    Love me some tree hits. Always been a favorite of mine. Antonyo makes it look purdy.

    November 27th