• kris
    May 28th

    A rad trip through Tokyo. I need a vacation. Damn. Haha.



    December 29th

    Late night freestyle jams. Good clips in this one from the Froots crew.



    February 15th

    I am beyond hyped that 84 is still killing it with this style of fixed freestyle riding. There will always be a place for some classy and stylish track inspired riding. 84 Kick and some really cool shots from around Tokyo makes for a cool piece. Check this out for sure!

    December 31st

    Tell me this doenst look fun. A mob of santas leading a ride through tokyo? Haha. Id have been into something like this for sure. Really hope to experience the Tokyo bike scene in person one day (I looked at tickets yesterday…itll be a while haha).

    July 29th

    Hiroki aka Graffito…who im assuming is part of the Flat Fix crew…has been posting up some Flat Fix edits as well. I dont think ive ever seen this one or a couple of the others though they are a few weeks old. Nothing too crazy but you do get an idea of what its like to ride around Tokyo and what spots are out yonder.

    February 11th

    New trailer bits especially for GOOD magazine! Check the tokyo to osaka site for updates…the first trailer is below as well.

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    November 27th

    Some flicks from the Tokyo installment of the Bicycle Film Festival…


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    November 16th

    Nabbed from the Prollsmeister. I love well filmed and edited videos!

    September 26th

    Way cool with a POV cam!

    September 1st

    Way cool idea. Ninja Noodles!

    Really though…if youre lucky enough to be heading over there for the CMWC…listen to this. Nothing is worse than getting into a situation somewhere youre not familiar with nor know the native language.