• kris
    February 19th

    Cool flick of TOLA’s Sean Martin rolling around LA on his new whip. He recently started repping The Heavy Pedal and has a sweet Zephyr built up. Promuting like champ…more on Take Over LA.




    January 17th

    Sean over at TOLA has been hard at work sending out some rider profile questions. Was happy to answer what he threw at me and stoked for the opportunity to do a little interview. After seeing some typos I told Sean I needed to proofread…he replied “proof read? #bloggerproblems.” So perfect haha. If you care to read up click over!






    June 5th

    Sometimes the best way to do a review is to not do a review. Well not a typical one any how haha. TOLA checked in with Ace Boogie of The Sleepers to see what’s good with his Chrome Niko camera bag and how he’s been putting it to use. This isn’t just a camera bag…it’s a lifestyle. That Little Kiki bit had me dying! Too funny and well done dudes.


    May 30th

    The dudes at Unknown are doing their part to help get the CBNC and TOLA crew to NACCCs this year.  Up for grabs in the raffle is  a LV1, LV2 and PS1 have been done up by Devon Tsuno, Codak and Dave Flores respectively. They just got back the first of the three custom frames and I’d say this LV2 done up by Tsuno came out damn good. Dig the color scheme and his approach on this. keeping it pretty simple but with some rad visuals. Hit Unknown for the whole gallery of this beast and for more updates on the other two frames as they come in! If you want to donate directly to CBNC and help make their dreams come true you can stop right here as well!


    April 15th

    Been on the hunt for some track stuff to post today and what better than a soild crit video. The tough titty critty when down this past friday and it looks like a rad night race. Dudes crossing the finish were haulinnn’.