• kris
    November 5th

    DAMN. Up working late but had to take a sec to share this one from Tom Briggs sent through over the weekend. He chopped up some footage ol’ 2012 footage from none other than Tom Lamarche. Some fucking killer stuff in this old or not and definitely worth a few clicks. I guess I need to be peep the Facebook more so I don’t keep missing the goods…



    July 14th

    Wrahw had always been one of my favorites in the early scene, with ghoulish content and psycho techy tricks, Torey and the boys involved never dissapointed. This edit has been knocking around in my head for the past few days so I really wanted to re-share it with everybody.

    I cannot believe it’s already 3 years old.

    June 4th

    Fixed Mag. is getting its 15th issue together set to release the end of June. The cover shot of Tom from the Southern Safari video is too sick and well captured by Trace Taylor. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled here for when the issue drops…looks like there’s going to be some solid content to flip through.

    May 21st

    This is as good as if fucking gets right here. Rick consistently puts out some of the best photos in the freestyle game and when you get to shoot someone like Tom it’s no surprise. Both these dudes hold it down so well in this hefty rail hop shot. Rick says he gets scared of missing shots sometime…this one is spot on for sure. More cool shit on his flickr!

    Also, if you missed the 11 Questions I did with him a while back have another look


    March 18th

    Kareem just opened up the embed for the Southern Safari trailer I posted about over the weekend. If you haven’t bought this video yet you need to. The production on this is top notch and you know the dudes get wild…it is a Loose Nuts trip. Don’t want to spoil anything but everyone goes in on this with big shit from Tom and Torey, hard bails and big rails from Kareem and Miles with some next level bike control. There’s a bunch of rad spots and plenty of good b roll stuff you expect in a road trip video. Man I want to go to Five Guys again after watching this. GO BUY THIS NOW! Support the real shit.



    January 3rd

    Rick keeps the solid shots coming with another one of Lamarche. This wallride shot of him on this sculpture is super good. Its like art on art on art or something. Black and white photograph of a guy being creative on a sculpture. Ha. Good stuff dude…stoked on how consistent these shots drop! See more one Rick’s flickr.

    November 14th

    Rick posted up some flickr links to a bunch of fresh photos so this will likelybe one of two posts for him today. First up? You may have been waiting for some new Lamarche content and now you have this to drool over. Straight blasted on this. Sooo good! And this spot is too damn cool.

    September 6th

    Rick has been upping some flicks he’s been sitting on to the web and man are there some good ones. Pretty sure this pedal feeble is the one for me. Nasty ledge and good form. Boom. Dig these and be looking fo some mo.

    July 17th

    Corbin and I were talking about who’s been killing it lately and who our favorite riders are and when Tom’s name came out the conversation pretty much stopped. Ha. Tom’s been doing his thing for years now and just slays about anything you throw at him. This one is good beginning to end with sick walls, a huge feebs and an even bigger ender. Dig that crank stall over the rail a ton too. Good.

    Tom La Marche Chi Town Baja from Uncle Buck on Vimeo.

    May 10th

    Some fresh stuff from Tom is exactly what I needed this morning! Sick lines and the good style you’ve come to expect from Tom. Just beasting and always making it look smooth. That rail hop to drop is so damn nice!