• kris
    March 17th

    From the dawn of fixed freestyle to his time with YNOT Tom Mosher’sacquired more skills than most. Taking what he learned in years of making quality bags he’s ready to reveal his new project Mosher Originals. The new line is a handful of products ranging from backpacks to wallets all hand made in Toronto. The kickstarter is hardly started and more than met it’s original goal. More money means more products like the Action Pack below…so hop over to help out!


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    May 31st

    I feel like this is long overdue and really fucking rad right here! Tom’s been in the game since the beginning and is a huge part of the crew up north at YNOT. Now you can sport some pro model straps a la Mosher style. Simple design with some really dope reflective accents to keep you safe cruising at night. Stoked for you dude. Hit ’em here to swoop!


    February 27th

    This has to be one of my favorite edits of all time. During the real solid times of Trick Track and right when we all saw FGFS turning into a legitimate “sport”. I wanted a Volume Thrasher so bad after seeing photos of Eric Puckett’s prototype at the first MWM. Seeing it in production and ridden by who some people may call the ‘godfather of fixed freestyle’ only solidified that fact.
    Tom is the dude. Pioneer of FGFS, Co-owner of Trick Track, producer of YNOT, he’s done it all and continues to do so. I love watching this dude ride because he really goes out of the norm trickwise and legitimately always has fun riding his bike! Remember why you picked up a bike, to have fun!



    November 19th

    Kyle Messier aka The_Fix upped this one over the weekend. So much good stuff in the mix from the TO dudes with everybody throwing in some solid clips. Mosher’s new build is looking real nice too.

    October 2nd

    Man I wish this was a little bit further away so I could get up to Toronto. Going to be a good time for sure considers all the stuff coming out of Canada lately.  Hope to see some sick footage of this after it goes down.

    “Toronto Beef Jam!

    We thought a fun video flier was the best way to spread the word about our upcoming FGFS jam in Toronto. It will be Saturday October 20th 2012 and EVERYONE IS INVITED!

    Toronto has dealt with too much BS in the scene and this is our chance to squash the beef and build our community up.


    September 27th

    I was pretty pumped to see that the one and only Tom Mosher was at interbike yet again running the YNOT booth. Tom is more OG than most people in the sport and still pushing the limits. I hadn’t seen him in some time so it was nice to catch up and peep the new goodies. New bags and accessories galore and a really nice display for the event. I still remember when I prank called Tom a couple years back at BFF NY, being the first time we ever talked, telling him he better shut down YNOT because there was already too many strap companies around. It was obvious I was kidding and its obvious that YNOT is still growing on the daily. Peep the little interview below and more photos beyond Tom eating his lunch haha. This was actually the first of the interviews I did this year so its a little more improvisational that the other but I really feel it fits the vibe of the site. Peep it!

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    August 31st

    This is too good! Tom cruising around for a little YNOT back to school sale promo. Dig the direction on this following him on his way to school. Some sick destination shredding along the way. Gotta love that ender with the computer. Dig this dudes.

    June 22nd

    Yes! I’m not really sure what’s happening today but it must be Flashback Friday or something. Lots of tarky type old school stuff going up and then this one of Mosher coming in at the end of the day. So sick to see Tom putting something out and Kyle keeping the bits coming. Glad I popped over to TTv and caught this before leaving the office!

    May 18th

    Just peeped this on Tom’s blog. That fish and chips was real purdy. I seriously still love that trick. Nice sized hubba there at the end too! Sick stuff.

    October 6th

    Tom’s got a new blog up going by the tag of The Moshpit. To start it off he upped this nice video from in between getting his body fixed. Sick shit man!