• kris
    June 7th

    With so many cycling multi-tools on the market Altum Designs went back to the drawing board to craft something truly unique. The complete package consists of the MTS (multi-tool) and MTR (tool-roll) that combined meet just about any need that doesn’t require a specific tool. Along with spoke, allen and other common sized wrenches the two attached tire levers are sure to be a hit. The Kickstarter for Modual is open and you can bet I’ll be getting on board with some support…be sure to check it and stay up on them for updates!



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    March 29th

    Blackburn is no stranger when it comes to compact bike tooling having been on the scene since 1975. They’re back at it with their small yet powerful Grid 13 Multitool fresh from the factory. Each of the 13 tools take into consideration length, type and placement to be sure you have what you need at max performance for each adventure…more here!



    November 12th

    With the slew of multitool options on the market it can be pretty hard to stand out from the pack. Earlier this year tool brand Reductivist launched their simply styled Ringtool and have since released a handful of updates. I recently spotted the GOLD version of this little dude that packs quite the punch and is primed for that 5 ‘0 clock brew break. 8 tool useful tool tips surround a proper bottle opener for when you’re in a pinch! Jump here for more…