• kris
    May 5th

    God & Famous knows all too well that you can never have too many top caps. I’ve got a few of theirs in my collection and the Repeat cap might just have to be new addition. These will likely sell out quick so be sure to swoop asap!



    July 20th

    Some new fire from MASH with more rad top caps than you have bikes. Zeiss and pizza are by far my favorite in the current line-up…Cornholio a close third. Swoop!


    April 3rd

    Cadence knows you can’t go wring with a staple like custom top caps. Up in their store now these are an easy way to rep a little more subtly…



    January 27th

    MASH keeping the top cap game strong with some new pieces and a re-up on the rare donut caps. Quite a few in the shop now but I’d swoop before they’re gone again!


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    January 14th

    This is too good. God & Famous delivering as per the usual with some top caps…but better.  Available in black AND purple. Riding crotch shots will never be the same. Swoop!