• kris
    July 17th

    Torey’s section from BMH is still one of my favorites. He’s just got a wild style and can hit stuff that you probably wouldn’t even think to do. Not that he can’t manhandle some big shit like that gap to firecracker. Plus the 180 over the fish gap is a classic for sure.


    January 3rd

    Obviously not really but with a hop over like this I don’t see why not. There was a clip of this Torey’s last edit but I’ll always be into quality pictures especially from the likes of Rick. Torey puts in so much work for BB17.

    December 29th

    If its coming from Torey you know its going to be wild. Always finding the weirdest spots and throwing some original stuff at them. Wall ride in the intro and that long ass duster are sick. Tunes on this definitely make it sicker too.


    November 25th

    Torey comes through again with one of the most entertaining series still running. In this Witchtape is a solid mix of shenanigans, friends, fun and a bit of some bikes. Oscars reaction to that sundae is perfect. Too good duder!

    October 26th

    Its been far too long since the last episode of the Power Hour. Fixie factory goons Antonyo, Coats and Thronton cruise around Long Beach and cause some havoc. Lots of good little tech bits and some style from the dudes.More of disdiq!

    October 8th

    Torey has one of the best styles around. Weird spots and creative tricks. Good mix to have for sure. This BB17 jam is a watcher for sure. Firecrackers and nosies are all so good. Dig this.

    EDIT: Looks like I got this before the privacy settings were changed so click here to watch it for now.

    EDIT EDIT: I guess John has the exclusive on this for now so check his spot out for this too.


    August 23rd

    Matt posted this sick shot of Torey up earlier today. 180 hopper skiddy thing. Looks like some smooth moves to pull this at a wierd little spot. Dig it.

    July 5th

    Torey and Oscar laying it down in a quick one for BB17. Good stuff in this one at a real fun looking park. Tbog off the roller and that long nosie are cleannn. Good stuff dudes!