• kris
    November 14th

    Read this well done Torey Thronton interview over on Hammer Down a few days back. A good read with one of the true originals in fixed freestyle. Cool that he linked up for this after deciding to focus his energy on some other avenues in his life. Dig this and the attached photo by Rick Anderson. Click over for the whole deal!




    March 18th

    Kareem just opened up the embed for the Southern Safari trailer I posted about over the weekend. If you haven’t bought this video yet you need to. The production on this is top notch and you know the dudes get wild…it is a Loose Nuts trip. Don’t want to spoil anything but everyone goes in on this with big shit from Tom and Torey, hard bails and big rails from Kareem and Miles with some next level bike control. There’s a bunch of rad spots and plenty of good b roll stuff you expect in a road trip video. Man I want to go to Five Guys again after watching this. GO BUY THIS NOW! Support the real shit.



    April 24th

    If you’ve be riding fixed freestyle for a bit you probably have seen some stuff from Colin. Dudes got a sick creative style and just goes for stuff. Torey just tossed up and interview with Colin and remixed his last Wrahw bit with a few new clips for the edit below. Last two clips are dope! Check it for a little knowledge of what’s up with Colin and the dudes in Bmore. Way psyched on this guys.

    December 23rd

    This is some serious stuff right here. And by serious I mean solid dudes supporting whats right…good riding. Some really good stuff in this one from the Balhogs crew and you can tell they’re out having fun no matter what. Stoked on this dudes! Need to get me one of those grip stripsss.