• kris
    June 20th

    Caught this sick flick of Torey on the Spike Parts blog this morning. This appears to be no ordinary nose manual with that curb at the end. Want to see some footy of this…looks like he nollied out of this which would be way cool.

    June 12th

    Looks like BB17 upped some sick shots of Torey’s serpent last week. These things are looking so mean! Loving that color and stoked to see 29er frames still coming out for fixed freestyle. Hit their blog up for more flicks and a run down of his build.

    April 5th

    Torey tossed up this super dope shot of Oscar from Greg Falski yesterday. Always dig what’s on the Wrahw spot. Seriously a super fresh trick right here and on a pretty high rail. Way into this flick!

    March 9th

    Usually if I don’t see something till days after its been all over I’m hesitant to post it up yet again. I never hesitate to posting something from Torey! Always been stoked on his riding style and the flicks he puts out. Just brings some super sick creativity always. For that…ill always post his jams. Get Big Money if you haven’t already!

    February 14th

    Torey posted this nice jammer up over the weekend. Always been a fan of his riding style and I always will be! Creativity is where its at. Balhogs got a crew to be reckoned with no doubt.

    December 12th

    Chris posted this up over the weekend. I watched it a few times and was too stoked to post it I really just forgot haha. Dig this for sure.

    November 23rd

    Torey always comes with that good for sure! Videos like this are always a favorite…all the stuff that goes down between riding. Part of what makes riding with your friends awesome. Looks like plenty of NYC roadkill in case you get hungry haha.

    November 17th

    Torey coming with that good good on these. I love pins. Just about as much as stickers. Putting shit on shit is the best. These Wrahw jams are looking fresh and according to Torey there will be some pin packs available soon! Check that little water fun video below too. Reminds me of when I rocked Soap shoes back in middle school haha.

    October 25th

    Saw this up last night…shit knocked me out it was so good haha. Seriously check Torey in this. 29er pegless steeze. So sick duder!

    August 15th

    Oscar’s been shredding for Wrahw for a while now…getting down hard! Here’s his welcome edit that Torey shot over. He’s got one of the most unique and rad styles around. I’m stoked on the footsplants as im sure you can guess…especially the tbog footplants. I’ve been getting int those lately so I’m pumped to see one in an edit! Fish gap bar is big toooo. Wish I could have rode with him a bit here in the states. Definitely looks like he had fun. This is oh so good!