• kris
    October 10th

    The dudes headed on the Pedal Hard No Coast trip are looking for a little last minute help! The Golden Bear, Toro and I are teaming up to host a fundraiser tomorrow night at the Bear. Be there for a little video and some drinks with friends to help get these dudes on their trip down the coast. See ya there!


    September 8th

    Kevin and I threw this together last night for next weekend’s crit here in sac. Watch as Kev and Kimio hit the course for a lap with Kev coming from behind to win haha. Peep it and jump on the facebook page to rsvp. Its going to be a good time with some good prizes (frame, bag…) and fun afterpaty. Its free and its going to be a damn good time. All the deets are below…

    Presented by Lockedcog, Toro Quality Goods and The Golden Bear. The Discovery Crit is for anyone and everyone who likes to go fast and have fun.

    – 9/15/2012
    – 5 PM
    – Discovery Park
    – Free

    Prizes From:
    Runner Up!
    Chrome Bags
    Toro Quality Goods
    – Lockedcog
    – more to be announced…

    The Golden Bear following the race
    – Race awards and raffle
    – Celebrating four long years of lockedcog and the release of a new and updated website!

    More details in the coming week!

    September 4th

    If you read the site regularly you’ve probably seen a good amount of Toro stuff here on the site. Brian from TQG is my dude, so naturally I work on a lot of stuff with him including doing their PR. That being said I’ve gotten to see his acquisition of a lot of really cool stuff lately including a bunch of vintage parts and their new pomade. Check back in the next couple days for a couple exclusive videos from the Toro crew and peep the new additions to the site.

    August 31st

    Here’s a teaser of what’s going down two saturdays from now here in Sac. Toro, The Golden Bear and I are teaming up to have a crit race here folowed by an after party to celebrate the 4th year of this pos website being up and running. The New site should be live just before the event so after the race come celebrate at TGB and watch something with us. A proper flyer with sponsors and more info should be up after I get home from Man Up tomorrow!

    August 21st

    I know I’ve watched this a few times but I don’t think I ever posted this! My good buddy Jake from Toro sat down with Unseen Heroes for a little chat about his design process ad style. Lucky for yall you can check his work here in the next couple weeks as he’s in charge of the redesign for lockedcog 2.0. I’ve sat down with him a few times to peep whats coming and I’m beyond stoked for what in store. Check this in the meantime and hit up Toro for some of those quality goods.

    August 3rd

    Shawn sent this over to me a couple days back and it needs some love. I don’t think we’ve really had a crit race here in Sac before so it’ll be cool to have a couple within a month. Pedal hard will start things off with this one out in Land park which should be a solid event. A couple weeks later the Toro, Golden Bear and lockedcog event will keep the racing going. Be there if you know whats good for you!

    April 4th

    If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time you’ll know I’m rather close with the dudes from Toro and often collaborate with them on events and such. Being that we’re all good friends and from the same little city of Sacramento we’ve decided to work together to bring yall some solid products as well as audio visual entertainment. Here’s the first significant post from the Toro blog as a taste of things to come. The dudes got this together for an event we had toward the end of last year and now we’d like to share it with everyone. Below is a little blurb I wrote for their blog and of course a solid little video that had a lot of time put into it…check the Toro spot out for more goodies!

    For anyone that’s put the time into building up their own bike know’s that it can be quite the process. Deciding on components, sourcing the goods and finding the time to bring it together into a ridable rig can be exhausting. However, the payoff is well worth it when you’re riding around on something born of your own two hands.

    Last summer Kevin decided to take the plunge and build something he’d be proud to be rolling on. Not because it looked flashy or cost a grip of money but rather for the fact that he himself made it happen. For anyone who knows what goes into building something like this we’d like to share it with you. For the rest of you…here’s a look into Kevin’s process and a look at a hot bike.