• kris
    February 24th

    It’s always rad to see brands that deserve to well continue to grow. The friends at YNOT have been hard at work getting their first flagship store up and running. The recent opening party looks like it went off and they’re nicely settled into their new Toronto digs. Damn nice spot for sure!


    April 10th

    Looks like the dudes at YNOT will have a little more to stretch their legs these days. They’ve moved a bunch of product into the new Gallant Bicycles up in Toronto. They’re got every product and color variation on hand and with some of the YNOT crew there to fill you in personally. Shop looks sick and this is a solid move for one of the best bag/foot retention companies out there putting in work. Good shit dudes.



    October 2nd

    You would think that with how many Mini Drome videos have come out it’d get old. Negative. This is like watching NASCAR. Not that i really enjoy or follow that but I do know that the crashes are one of the gnarliest parts and most frequently replayed. Luckily these dudes aren’t going 200 mph because the Mini Drome bucks you. So many bails in this and some real fast riders. Dig it from Toronto Fixed.

    October 2nd

    Man I wish this was a little bit further away so I could get up to Toronto. Going to be a good time for sure considers all the stuff coming out of Canada lately.  Hope to see some sick footage of this after it goes down.

    “Toronto Beef Jam!

    We thought a fun video flier was the best way to spread the word about our upcoming FGFS jam in Toronto. It will be Saturday October 20th 2012 and EVERYONE IS INVITED!

    Toronto has dealt with too much BS in the scene and this is our chance to squash the beef and build our community up.


    June 21st

    Kyle from The Fix has been uploading quite a few little flicks lately and I’m digging it. Here’s one from last night cruising Toronto. Cool spots and a sick park up that way. Keep these coming dude!

    April 5th

    Really dig these photos from Rhys riding around in Toronto. Quite a bit of diversity giving you a dope look at the city. Check more shots out on his blog or his flickr!

    June 20th

    So I’ve been wonder and waiting for this thing to pop up. There was a giveaway (a holiday themed one I think?) last year for this domain but after that I hadn’t seen or heard anything about it. I saw a link on PC and popped over. Looks like there was some issues with the contest, pretty sure I’ve got it figured ;), but after the domain went public again Brad from Toronto snatched it up. Stoked to see it grown even though I’m one of the few remaining 700c enthusiasts haha…for now ;).

    December 14th

    Shea went out and got some footage with Tom Briggs on his recent trip to Toronto as well. Filming and editing on this are real nice Tom!

    August 13th

    Bikes on Wheels got with Mike Giant to get these custom pieces done for the Bike Film Festival in Toronto. They’ll be auctioned off on the 18th from Mascot coffee with proceeds going to charity. I dig the raw and white one…and them rimsss. Those are below and the rest can be checked at the Bikes on Wheels bloggy. Heads up to my roommate for trying to get me out of bed to show me this haha.

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    October 14th

    Or “white night”…first time that 4 years of high school french actually came in handy. Even though it really represents an all night art festival. Whatever. Ha.

    Cool idea!

    “6 friends ride the streets of Toronto spreading love, joy and lots of bubbles to festival goers on Nuit Blanche.

    Thanks to Rachel Noonan and the Canadian Film Centre for putting this ride together.