• kris
    March 14th

    That’s a line from a song that’s been in my head all day…it seemed a fitting title for an event called Smack in the Middle. Haha. One more Polo bit to hit up that I saw up on the Eighthinch bloggy. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing a slew of these as we head into spring! Be ready. This one is in Fresno so I’m sure there are some Sac heads headed down to it!

    June 15th

    As ususal this is a rather long video…but most polo videos are haha. For all you polo heads this might be something to kick on in the background while your working on your bike…or watch very attentively if you so wish. I like watching a bit of polo from time to time so this one from the Ladies Army event last month is something to check.

    March 30th

    For me this is one of my favorite things about riding bikes…traveling with friends for the sake of riding. Pretty good compilation of polo tournaments and traveling from last year in this. I’ve posted some Blunt. Films stuff before…solid piece as usual.

    March 17th

    Cool flier no? I dig it haha.

    November 3rd

    October 12th

    This flyer is so sick! If your in the area and are halfway decent with a mallet give it a go. And they have breakfast! Killer.