January 5th

Alonso has been stuck on two wheels for over a decade now and it truly shows in his drive. From putting in time on More Track Bike to being part of Chrome‘s Familia it’s no surprise he’s a force to be reckoned with. You can catch him lapping crits like Red Hook or simply check out the rad 2.5 minutes below!


Devin Armstrong
December 20th

Adam Seavers and I just threw one of the best Tracklocross races to ever come to Sacramento. Such a great turnout for just a race scrapped together by a couple of kids trying to get their fixed gear community doing a bit more than just riding around spot to spot drinking and doing fixie tricks. (Even though we love fixie tricks)


Tracklomento consisted of a quarter mile dirt trail alongside the American river just right behind the Blue Diamond Almond factory. 10 Laps, 18 riders and a ton of shredding to beheld.  Besides all the fun dirt trails and puddles the racers had to bomb through on Track bikes, they also had to maneuver around a gnarly hobo camp towards the end of the course. After awhile the hobos weren’t too happy with us but by then the race was all finished up.


Our winners were: 1st Jean Padilla (TCB Courier), 2nd James Newman (Macaframa), and 3rd Jonathan Jones! It was a vicious battle between Jean and James, as James was first to shoot right through the hole shot and create a huge gap. According to the racers there was a huge crash that held back many competitors and pushed james newman even further away from the pack. The breakaway was held for majority of the race by James, but Jean didn’t let the distance break his focus of winning. Watching Jean hunt down James was marvelous sight as if i was watching a ferocious lion hunting its prey.



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December 16th

You may have caught a couple of these photos on social last week and you’ll surely be seeing more of my dude Devin as he’s the newest addition to the crew here on the site. After a good stint in New York he recently moved back to town and wasted no time getting together the first track only cyclocross race appropriately dubbed Tracklomento. He’s a beast on the bike and just as good behind the lens so expect him to be leaving some rad visuals here in the coming future. Look for a proper intro from him and a few more surprises on the site as we get ready to head into the new year!



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December 13th

Dosnoventa and Alfred Bobe Jr. know that progress is the key to growth…once you stop evolving you stop living. Here’s to keeping on keeping on!


December 8th

After filming from summer ’til fall and finally having time to pick through things, I’ve come across quite a bit of content. Most of this comes from standby time or weekend rides but none the less fun days on the bike…here’s Joey working on some new stuff while we waited for some pickups.



December 6th

With more than the usual attention to detail it’s no surprise that everyone and their mother loves Campagnolo goods. It is a bit more rare however to come across something as cool as this 57t track/tt ring and matching cranks. Adam snagged these bad boys here in town and though I’d likely not rock them on any of my builds they sure are easy on the eyes…



December 5th

Chrome hit the Holiday sentiment on the head with this new bit for their Night Series. The holidays are surely a time for reflection, friends and of course the Familia. Check them as they roll their track bikes onto the streets of NYC for a night out on the town…


December 1st

If you follow or race in the Rad Race series it’s just about time to start getting stoked. Registration for the 2017 season starts December 10th and if the turnout is anything like this year it’ll be well worth tuning or clipping in. Pop over for all the deets on next seasons the events!


November 30th

Plenty of solid people coming together for what will be the first track race of its kind here in Sacramento. Tracklomento is just weeks away hitting the dirt December 10th for a day of fixed cyclocross racing. Some primo prizes up for grabs in what will be a great day of racing no matter where you finish. Pop over to the instagram and event page to get the rundown!



November 17th

This is probably the best thing I’ve seen video wise for fixed freestyle in some time. Matt Reyes showing you that if you don’t know Mike or Andy you’re already blowing it…