• kris
    April 4th

    There’s a bunch of stuff that just hit the Trackosaurus Rex webstore just now. Literally at 1PM PST. Get there before it’s all gone…one Ramblin’ Roll is already gone!




    February 17th

    Spotted these rad shots of Sean Martin‘s new ride on the Tracko flickr. A real clean build of the recently released Heavy Pedal Zephyr and definitely a looker. It’s not up on either of their spots yet so hit the flickr for the whole set for now!


    October 23rd

    Rad Dogers theme print from Tracko. He’s been sitting on this for a while now but what better time to drop it than now? Dig this! Home and away colors of gray to swoop here.


    October 2nd

    These went up on Tracko about 10 minutes ago which hopefully means that by the time you read this they’re still in stock! BDU caps looking good made from vintage recycled fabrics. Ramblin Roll Kits are my favorite though…even if they sold out as I was typing this. Jesus. More on Tracko!


    April 29th

    Kyle Kelley looking like a boss in this one from The Sleepers. Follow Kyle as he save the track bike on a mellow Sunday. Had to go back and look for the Koston sighting in there…sure enough the Frost made it out for this ha. Really though this is a pretty damn rad video for the new Tracko vest you can pre-order here.