• kris
    December 4th

    Cool video from Trafik to promote the new Sugimon Rex they did up with Boombotix. Includes two faceplates and clips so you can switch it up on a whim. Grab one of these right here.






    November 13th

    Pretty cool idea for a bag right here. Pretty sure Jansport did something like this years ago…only not as cool obviously ha. Dig the artwork that ends up on this one.  Should be an artist series of these or somethinggg. Swoop is you want something to doodle on!

    June 27th

    Video premiere’s are always a blast. Be it hanging with friends, bike events or just watching and having some beverages. Interpreting another’s artistic view of cycling is real interesting. I don’t doubt the To Live and Ride In LA premiere is any exception.