• kris
    June 1st

    It’s been a super long time since I did one of these…but you’ll start seeing these on here a bit more often as we go out and shoot with real cameras. Some fun from last weeknd with Alex, Rad and Nick. Real cool dirt spot tucked away off the bike trail. You’ll be seeing more from this spot here soon! Good times despite about a million or so mosquitoes.

    April 10th

    Well this looks like a fun day. Ride. Beers. Trail. Beach. City. Can’t really beat that kind of a lineup for a day out on the bike. Mellow vibes with the Saddle Up dudes.

    March 15th

    My buddy Glenn posted this up and I need to share how awesome this looks haha. Haulin on some dirt trails looks mighty fun right now! I like the way he edited this together…

    *edit* for whatever reason there wasn’t any sound when I watched this the first couple times…apparently there was a Shigeto track on there the whole time?! Weird! Good stuff Glenn.

    February 29th

    Here’s a few flicks from hitting the trail with Cardiel this past weekend and my awesome (sarcasm) day at work yesterday. Did 40 miles on Sunday with Cards….saw a bunch of wildlife and some cool colors in the sky. Flat number one of the week as well! Yesterday had to patch a tube then blew my tire a good thirty minutes from my office on a pick up…downtown was looking nice so not a bad walk! Oh and my cat is good at sports.






    July 28th

    So here’s a slew of photos from the past couple weeks that I’ve been holding on to. I’ll be getting dailymobile stuff up a bit more frequently rather than dropping 10 photos at a time every now and then. That’s not really daily is it? Check it…

    Love this spot. Shot some flicks here with Jerome yesterday.

    Grammar baby…

    This photo kills me haha. We got kicked out of a “swanky” bar for wearing tank tops. So to get around it we tossed on some ladie’s over garments. Got us some free shots from the bartenders for sticking it out. Worth it.

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    June 23rd

    Yesterday I met up with Corbin, Colby and Glenn to get some trail riding in. We all snapped some flicks on out phones as per usual and blasted them on twitter. Was one killer ride yesterday…likely head back out there tomorrow. I tossed in a couple flicks from Colby and Glenn. Holler.

    Some paintings.



    Like um helooo I’m colbyyy. This shit had me cracking up haha.

    from @iamglenn on his instagram.

    from @colbyelrick on his twitpic.