• kris
    March 15th

    I recently got my hands on one of the Bomtrack framesets and have patiently been waiting to up some build photos. Got the okay form the dudes at Eighthinch to play with this in between frames and built it up with all my EI parts. Adjusting to a smaller bike was a lot easier than I thought and I have to say this thing is sick for sure. Stoked to get the rest of it once it comes in so I can have it set up proper! Kind of bummed that it was super hazy yesterday after work as it doesn’t let that purple pop like #candywhip it is. Still got some decent shots of it out in my alley…peep the whole build gallery after the jumppp.

    Want to thank Manuel at BT for sending this over and Royal HC for putting in work to get it en route to me. Zane and the dudes came  through on letting it tag along with them when they came up north a couple weeks back as well. Damn. Never really thought about the journey this thing went on haha.

    More after I roll around on it for a bit toooo…



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    September 25th

    I’m finally getting up some of the stuff I got at interbike this year. For this year I tried to shoot some little supplement video interviews to accompany the photos of the products. Here’s the first one up from Concept bikes with some photos of their initial FGFS frame the Assassin. I hung out at the concept booth a bit during the event and had a damn good time getting to know everyone. As far as the Assassin I was pretty impressed with it. A lot of companies that dive into fixed freestyle take a shot in the dark initially before getting things right and having a solid product. The Concept crew seems to have skipped most of that and have an almost finished FGFS frame that just needs a few little tweaks that are apparently already in the process of being completed.

    Things I liked about the frame? Steep head tube and seat tube angles for an aggressive ride. The wishbone chain stays looks pretty unique as well. There’s mad tire clearance and once they clean them up (as planned) I’m sure its going to be killer. There’s also going to be a complete bike build option from Concept in a way quite different from other companies. They’re going to give customers the option to take advantage of some deals on parts from other companies and allow you to pick out parts for your whip. If they can get you what you want at a discount then you save some deniro and get exactly what you want from the get go rather than replacing parts down the line. Anywho, check the interview below and a full set of the Assassin below after the click!

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    September 4th

    Just saw these new Ghost flicks over on the Grime spot. I saw a few of these at Man Up! this weekend and was super impressed with the quality. I will say that the small looks odd but then again its way too small for me to ride so what does it matter? The paint, welds and tubing on these beasts looks super clean. I’m only posting this one because the GB rework is to good haha…peep way more detailed flicks here!

    August 30th

    Last week I sent out with Alex and Anthony to do my first video bike check. That will be up next week so be on the lookout for that. After shooting the video I started piecing my first V2 production Butcher together. I’ve long been a fan of rattle can paint jobs and have sprayed most of my bikes at some point. Started this one off right with a fresh couple coats of Montana Power Pink and blacked out what components of mine that were other colors. Until the video check is up here’s some flicks of my newest build. Pretty happy with the way it turned out! Click through for a bunch more flicks.

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    June 27th

    This has been floating around the net for a couple of days and I have to say I’m excited to see what the Grime dudes have come up with this time. I’m sure the new Ghost line of frames will once again push FGFS as the Yomang! and the G.O.A.T. have. I’m sure this will be dope!

    June 20th

    Went riding with my buddy and part of the SKYLMT fam Corbin yesterday. For whatever reason I hadn’t thought to snag photos of his SL-1 before so I made sure to grab some flicks yesterday. This is one of the best looking FGFS frames on the market and I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who are rolling in them already. Corbin left his raw so the surface rust is looking pretty damn sick right now…same goes for them bars. A good bunch of parts on this beast makes it ride real nice. Though it’s way too small for me this SL-1 is still fun to play around on and Corbin’s all about it! There’s a slew of photos below for this bike check so make sure to peep ’em. If you want to snag one of these up there’s still a few left from the dudes so grab one before you can’t!

    Frame: SKYLMT SL-1
    Fork: Leader Reaper
    Bars: SKYLMT Skyscraper
    Stem: Solid
    Headset: Sadio
    Grips: Animal Edwin Delarosa
    Seat: Cult
    Seat post: Animal wedge pivitol
    Rims: MTX 33
    Hubs: Front Sadio Female/Rear Sadio 14mm
    Cog/Lockring: Sadio
    Sprocket: Unknown Bike Co.
    Cranks: Demolition
    Pedal: Solid
    Straps: Ynot
    Chain: Cult

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    June 15th

    The time has finally come to snag yourself one of the new Eighthinch Butcher V2s. I’ve been rocking these frames for the past couple years and testing the V2 for almost a year now. The new revised Butcher hasn’t shown me any issues through a winter of working in the rain, a regular beating out hitting spots or games out on the polo court. I’ve run Resist 26×2.25 and 700x 45s on this thing and have seen no signs of fatiguing on the frame. I’ll have a revised bike check up here soon as a send off for my old frame and a welcoming of the production V2s to the market! Get your name on one here!

    June 12th

    Looks like BB17 upped some sick shots of Torey’s serpent last week. These things are looking so mean! Loving that color and stoked to see 29er frames still coming out for fixed freestyle. Hit their blog up for more flicks and a run down of his build.

    May 31st

    It’s been a long time coming and I’m beyond stoked to announce that the Skylmt SL-1 frames are now available. I’ve watched these things come from an idea to being readily available firsthand and have to say they are what’s up. Colby and crew have been working hard to get these to you and now you can grab a small SL-1 frame for $550. Other sizes will be available soon but for now you can get your grubby hands on one of the best fixed freestyle frames on the market. Oh and they’re handmade here in the U.S.A. Get one right here while you can…I’m sure they’ll be gone soon!

    May 31st

    Looks like the new jams from BreakBrake17 will be showing up on the shores of iMiNUSD here in the coming weeks. Have to say that all three frames are looker way proper. As I was just checking them on the iMiNUSD spot I couldn’t help but think about how professional the new stuff looks and how far fixed freestyle has come. Love that they’re still making the Serpent for all the 29 heads out there. Also stoked for the track frame to drop as it looks beastly…and I was to check in when I hit San Jo in a few weeks!