• kris
    May 28th

    Still some good content coming from Ride + Style like this flick from Arizona’s State Bicycle Co. Not only did the dudes make it out to the event but they came back with some good footage and a 3rd place finish from Hernan Montenegro. Some good angles and a nice chop up in this making for a cool perspective of this year’s event.



    October 2nd

    Man I wish this was a little bit further away so I could get up to Toronto. Going to be a good time for sure considers all the stuff coming out of Canada lately.  Hope to see some sick footage of this after it goes down.

    “Toronto Beef Jam!

    We thought a fun video flier was the best way to spread the word about our upcoming FGFS jam in Toronto. It will be Saturday October 20th 2012 and EVERYONE IS INVITED!

    Toronto has dealt with too much BS in the scene and this is our chance to squash the beef and build our community up.


    March 26th

    Every tie I watch a video like this it makes me miss the Effin’ Friday days. Not much better than chillin at a spot with some people just trickin it up for a few hours. This spot looks dope…pretty sure it’s in a bunch of old SFG stuff? Anyway…some nice bikes in this, some fun clips and I spot an iMiNUSD hat on someone. What’s up with some skids too? Ha. So sick.

    March 22nd

    Matt posted up a slew of photos from last weekends Woodward West gathering. This looks like it was absolutely ridiculous and I’m bummed I missed it! So many god flicks over on Recfail that I’m only going to post a couple here. You seriously need to go peep the rest

    The crew…

    Joe Mckeag three to fakie…

    Jonathan Davis tuck no gap…

    October 5th

    Here’s a new flyer from Kareem and Chris for the Loose Nuts Bike Battle this weekend. I bet this is going to be real sick…wish i could make it!

    September 20th

    Last video for a few! (Unless i come across something sick ha.) These dues look like they’re having a damn good time! Some nice spins and hope in there from Bee and Charge. Some fresh yo-yo skills there at the end too. I’ve actually been trying to get my hand on another quality yo-yo for a bit…might be fun to get back in to. Ha.

    September 10th

    If youre up about Seattle meet up with the Zlog crew and everyone else at Future Tense tonight!

    April 16th

    Thinking about digging up some prizes or something and running some sprints tonight…in addition to the trick debauchery of course.


    March 22nd

    Heres some flicks from last week…there were some more cameras out there so there should be more floating around. The fish shots were snagged from Cody and the rest are some I managed to grab of the after escapades. Pretty fun friday…warmer temps should be bringing more people out now. Might also change up the spot here soon so we can build some stuff…

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    March 21st