• kris
    June 5th

    I got to meet the RYD dudes in Milwaukee and have to say they’re pretty stand up peeps. Super nice and definitely stoked to ride bikes. Peep the trip many of us made through their eyes…

    May 26th

    Jeffery and I are headed out to Milwaukee for Midwest Mayhem and to check out Eighthinch HQ. Ill be posting up some video clips and photos over the next for days. See a bunch of yall there…I’m real essiteds.

    May 3rd

    So I spent last weekend in SF for Red Bull Ride and Style as some of you know. This was hands down one of the best weekends Ive had in years. I was having way too much fun doing what i was do to take my phone out and really needed to time to just space and enjoy life…so there are little to no photos here but man was it a good weekend.

    A couple friends and I packed up and rolled out only to stop in Dixon for a little riding and waiting for others to meet up. We actually filmed a few clips of some fun business that may pop up. For some reason we were intrigued by this farm and went exploring for a bit…

    After getting to the city and meeting up with our sacto homie Greg we went out to get some food, brew and drop some hills. He’d never ridden in the city before so he was loving it. Rad and I were on our trick bikes and I ended up skidding straight through my tire on our way to Haight. After some brews in GG park and chasing a racoon with a bottle we rolled to Benders where there were a bunch of heads from in for for the event. No flicks of this but we stayed out till the wee hours before calling it catch some sleep for the next day. Hotel roof tops and sketchy liquor stores made the night that much better. In fact i didnt really take too many pictures this weekend at all…i was sort of on vacation.

    The event was killer. One of the best yet thats for sure. I showed up to the comp not really wanting to ride…not really into competitions…but actually ended up having a blast. Got to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in months, met some new people and connected with people from the internetz. Somehow I actually landed some tricks too…even after 7 red bulls and about a pack of cigarettes. The live music, the commentating, the crowd and most of all the venue were amazing. Never thought I’d see something of this scale go down in fixed gear. Not yet anyhow. So sick. I didn’t get much of the actual event but these two.

    After the event a ton of people rolled to the new Benny Gold shop to check it out and meet up before hitting up some bars to unwind. Shot some pool with the boys and ran into some friends from Sac who were out and about. Ended up stranding myself in the city the next day…on purpose haha. Wanted to sit in Delores Park for most of the day and enjoy good company. Managed to swing by Mission Workshop before catching a last minute and pretty spontaneous train home. The shop is real purdy like and tucked nicely into the Mission.