• kris
    January 18th

    After sweet tracklocross event here in Sac I knew this SF gathering would be just as fresh. Prior obligations kept me from making it out so this bit from the Turf dudes hit the spot. Good to see some familiar faces out there ripping and the course for this one looked beyond fun. This was a fundraiser for this years Westside Invite in Oakland which is bound to be worth hitting up!


    June 15th

    I’m out on vacation until the end of the week but I’ve enjoyed this one from Turf Bikes and Mike Schmitt. This was filmed over the Prickly Pear Jam week and features a good 14 minutes of the best. With so many spots, styles and tricks this one has just about everything current in FGFS. Has me wanting to get out on mine…



    May 31st

    There hasn’t been epic fixed freestyle jam for some time now and the Prickly Pear jam hit this one on the head. Awesome to see the amount of time and work from everyone that went into bringing back a staple of the freestyle scene to the heart of the desert.  With the support and progression seen at Prickly you can bet there will be a push for more events like these over the summer. Props to Mike at Turf for chopping this one down into a proper edit…



    July 29th

    Easily one of the best fixed freestyle videos to date comes form the Turf compound a la Word is Bond. Wonka’s part here is chock full of big rails and gritty SF streets that should have you itching to hit the pavement. That last tooth hangover is still too damn wild…hit TURF for more freestyle good!



    July 10th

    After some fresh curbside cuts the Turf dudes rolled out the freestyle bikes for this year’s 4th hitting up a few rad spots around the city. A good mix of clips in this holiday jam with a couple heaters to cap it off!



    June 9th

    The fixed freestyle homies at TURF just released this one for all the creatures of the night. The Midnight tee features a lunar inspired logo reverse and a subtle woven label up front. Creep on over here to get yours!



    April 20th

    The crew at Turf just did a bit of spring cleaning with a new web face and some fresh soft goods in the web store. A couple new tees and the Howl patch are ready to swoop. Pop over to peep the new digs and support a bit of grassroots fixed freestyle!


    (Check the new Fast Fifteen in there too!)


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    April 1st

    Looks like Schmitt and Matt put in some time on this new solo bit for Mike. All kinds of crook combos and some of that creativity we’ve come to expect when he gets down to business. Well worth a couple clicks and a trip to TURF to peep his new signature goods!



    March 28th

    The Turf dudes starting up a quick fixed freestyle feature with a Fast Fifteen coming for each of their riders. First up is Anthony Combs with a few good ones at the Berkley soccer banks…


    March 11th

    Another Tuesday down means another Turf Tuesday in the books from Matt and the boys. Cool to see a mix of freestyle and track bikes in this one with the homie Alex Gonzalez making an appearance after the recent move to SF. This is definitely one of the best series going right now!