• kris
    December 26th

    December 20th

    Its been a minute Chris! Worth the wait…playing in the snow looks like funnn. I want to live in NYC pretty bad. Damn.

    November 29th

    Chris is out of town for the holiday and disnt bring his bike along…so this week instead of a new Turning Tricks he threw together his favorite clips. Good stuff duder. That fall in the beginning looks pretty brutal! Will always dig this song too.

    November 15th

    Like ive said before…I WANT TO RIDE THAT DAMN THING! Good stiff chris…keep ’em comin!

    November 9th

    Hot damn that quarter pipe looks fun. That first shot there looked super good. Pushing yourself more and more each week chris…keep it up. You definitely seem to be putting your time in!

    October 26th

    Im back! Just moved and have yet to have my internet hooked up. Anywho….chris being weekly faithful once again.

    October 18th

    Some rainy fun! I love days like this…never too productive for me but way fun dinkin in the rain!

    October 12th

    Some 1080 rolls, sliders to switch pivots, 180 stair gappage and some hate from the po leece. Diggin it dude!

    October 5th

    The latest installment from Chris Layda! Progressing like crazy man…keep it up. That roll off/tube pop shot is killer haha.

    September 27th

    Going on two months and Chis is still cranking these edits out…good stuff!

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