• kris
    January 4th

    Yeah! Tyler Johnson coming through with a proper one for Holdfast. So much style in this beginning to end capped off nicely with a dialed crank arm. Been a minute since we’ve seen something from Tyler and this is too sick.

    July 9th

    Always wondered what it would be like to ride a MTB park like the one up north in this CSK bit. Tyler hitting some pretty big drops in this with some super rad lines to cap it off. This looks too fun.





    February 28th

    Ways away from the interwebz last night so I missed this one! TJ always brings some of the best stuff to the table with his riding…most of you already know this. A little rundown here of the HF Subverter frame with a bunch of solid clips to finish it off. Nosie double peg to nosie is too damn good. Get well soon duder!





    February 20th

    Tyler Johnson and Matt Spencer. Could be enough said right there. Tyler went down to work on his H and Son edit and even though he only got to ride one spot before busting his knee this is super good. Dig that feeb 180s back to back but that wall ride is whats really dope. So huge. Stoked on this one dudes.


    November 1st

    So obviously this is going to be good considering its Tyler Johnson. However the last three clips are pretty wild. Smooth tech and creative stuff throughout and finished off with some dope hits that could stand alone. Coal coming through with a cool series that I want to see more of!

    October 23rd

    Spotted this over on CSK and had to get it up. Tyler has long been know as being one of the buckest dudes in the sport. Here’s a shot of him not only hitting a pretty spacy wall ride but coming from wall to wall. So sick. This probably looks dope on film with the all white steeze!


    April 29th

    I’d have to say that Red Bull got it right this year. Don’t get me wrong…I had a blast riding last year and it Ride N’ Style was something of the like we’d never seen…but this year they took the event to the next level. The freestyle course was designed to be sicker and help riders bring the heat when it came to throwing some sick stuff down. Everybody rode so good and hit so much of the course I’m sure the judges had a hayday trying to figure out who would be on top. In the end the top three dudes below showed up and killed it just a little but more despite everyone riding on point all day. Highlights? Boothby’s backflips, Kenny getting bucked and luckily not being seriously injured (came back to the event after being knocked out…similar to Gus last year. Can’t stop love for the game!), Joe’s 720 and plenty of creativity from everyone else! Here’s a bit of the winners…more shots of everyone to come!

    First Place: I was hanging with Josh Boothby the night before the event and he had a lot to say about the state of fixed freestyle and where it can go. He really wants to see the legitimacy of the sport be solidified and see the limits pushed. You can bet Josh is one of the dudes that will make this happen. Right out of the gate you could tell Josh was going for the gusto. Throwing backflips in PRACTICE and then in every run he had plus a slew of things most riders aren’t tossing out there yet. I’ll have more flicks of JB this week but here’s one of him getting upside down.

    Everyone was trying to get the best shot of this…I really wanted to grab a shot that showed exactly that. Backflip media frenzy.

    Second Place: One of the most dedicated and focused dudes on the scene right now is undoubtedly Tyler Johnson. He’s been on his grind getting tricks dialed and pumping out videos. Dude’s really a machine when it comes to riding. He brought some sick style and creativity to SF coming up with a well deserved second place.

    Third Place: One person that can slide onto the podium doing nothing more than sitting on the couch is Joe Mckeag. He’s at the top of the style game and spinning more than anyone else. Seriously some of the best bike control you will ever seen and Joe makes it look far easier than it is. He killed it last year. He killed it this year. Props for the top fish dude!

    This is what a legit truck driver looks like!

    I don’t even know where to start recapping the freestyle showdown. This shit was intense. Sick stuff was landed. Everyone was stoked. I took about 300 photos of everyone because I was so juiced to be running around shooting instead of riding this year. Just ait for the sets to come this week. I’m stoked.

    April 9th

    I wanted to get this up all weekend. You’ve probably seen this. I don’t care. Watch it again. Tyler slaying it. Matt delivering it. H Plus Son keeping it rolling. So damn good.

    April 4th

    Dope quick one here from TJ. Smooth bars and clean crank slide. I bet he’s putting in tons of work right now to get read for Ride and Style. Its going to pop off for sure.

    February 19th

    This is one I wanted to get up last night too. TJ is just a damn beast. Straight up. Skylmt.