• kris
    August 12th

    This new piece from Restrap is  good alternative to a typical nylon ulock holster. Elastic so you can squeeze in different sized locks depending on what you have or what you need. These aren’t out just yet but stay on Restrap to swoop one swoop.


    January 15th

    These are two things ive always wanted…but dont really need. A chub would be nice for a “fast” bike but not so ideal for beating into the ground. The pamys have always looked interesting in their pretty anodized alminum…but im not pretty so no go there either. Maybe ill move to SF, become a model and bomb more hills like i should. Either way both of these were just restocked at the iMiNUSD.



    July 21st

    Talk about overkill…pretty disgusting. And lots of people claim its “hipsters” who might give messengers or, cyclists in general, a bad name…people like this could certainly help.

    Swiped from Mr. Watson.