• kris
    May 15th

    Some new soft goods dropping form the Unknown Bikes compound. Some dope 5 panels now available in four colors over at City Grounds. Floral is still pretty money but I’m thinking that polka dot fabric takes the cake. Swoop!


    January 6th

    Unknown keeping the new rides coming with the release of their Singularity frame. An update of the popular LV2 frame these are headed out to dealers and preorders asap. Follow team rider Willo as he cruises through Palos Verdes on the new whip and swoop one here!


    December 18th

    I’m kind of a sucker for Christmas. Really. This year when I thought about doing a giveaway it needed to be well worth it. Thankfully the dudes at Unknown thought a brand new PS1 would do nicely. Hop on instagram and follow the instructions below. This one is mad easy.



    1) Post a holiday photo of your ride. ( In front of the tree, with lights, rocking a Santa hat…anything)

    2) Follow and mention @unknownbikes and @lockedcog

    3) We’ll pick and post a winner Christmas day.



    May 10th

    Unknown is back with another chance for you to pick up some goods. This time around they’re offing one of their cycling kits and it’s definitely easy to enter. Hop to ittt.


    “-Follow @unknownbikes on instagram

    -Post a picture of you and your UBC bike

    -Tag it #UBCkits

    We will pick a winner this upcoming monday, 5/13/13/. WOOWOOOOOOOOOOO!”


    Pretty simple so hop to it.