• kris
    November 1st

    I was bummed that I didn’t make it to this years AFC Uproar down in Oakland but luckily rad stuff like this Wheel Talk bit made it back. Matt teamed up with Devon Lawson and Mon to get the clips and put out this cool recap from the day. Some solid lines in here plus that big boy roof drop from Kenny.



    October 15th

    Here’s another recap flick from the Uproar comp this past weekend. BHSK was there supporting with the media coverage and came back with this bit. For not being able to use the actual park out in Oakland this looks like a pretty decent setup. More on Bomb Hills.




    November 19th

    Even though J of BHSK spent some time on the mic announcing this year at the SF Bike Expo he managed to snag a good haul of photos from both days. There’s a lot to look trough but there’s also a lot of good ones so it well worth the peek at both the Pro and Am sets he posted. I see a couple of my butt in there too haha. Check a couple of my favorites right belowww…