• kris
    October 12th

    Spotted this piece of awesomeness on Urban Velo this morning and had to share. After the popularity of the mini velodromes over the past few years it was only a matter of time before things got a bit weird. The figure 8 track dubbed The Comedown is going to be one the move and ready to race here soon…just hoping it makes it’s way stateside so I can have a go. Hop over to Urban Velo for more!



    April 2nd

    The best urban cycling magazine has dusted off the winter snow and released Urban Velo #41. Lots of good content in the mix from the staple “Riding in the City” to the new “City Report” section that is bound to be a good one. Click over to view the issue online or head here for some other viewing options…a good read indeed.



    August 22nd

    Sean Martin is one busy dude that’s always on the move. Urban Velo caught up with him to talk alleycats in their Alleycat Insight series. Sean’s been super involved in the race scene down in LA through his efforts with TOLA, CBNC and now SGSC. If you want know a bit of the back story to all those acronyms hit the full story here.




     “You’re one of those dudes who is entrenched in urban cycling but you aren’t a  messenger. Have you ever been?

    I certainly am out here in these streets; urban riding is my love and passion and to address the        messenger question, once before I became so engrossed in “urban cycling” I worked as messenger      for like a month or two many many many years ago in Seattle. The job didn’t last for me at all, I      was into other “things” and I wasn’t doing my best in life. I don’t claim to be one, I don’t claim to      be an ex-messenger, never was. It was one of those times in a young man’s life when I was                    bouncing around from job to job and place to place for a brief period. I call it the skateboard                years…” (more here)

    May 29th

    Newest issue of Urban Velo is out now and looking good with some Ride and Style coverage. View it online or download it here. A bit on Red Hook in there too so you know its a good read!


    December 29th

    You probably already know this is up to read online…so check it! Some nice pieces in this with the female fixed bit being one of my favs. I need to get one of the print versions of this!

    November 2nd

    On the cover of the new Urban Velo is fellow Eighthinch rider Will Gibbons. He’s been out putting in work on his Butcher but they went ahead and used this stellar shot from back in the day…getting down on the Scrambler. Sick stuff man! Grab the new issue here.

    September 1st

    This is up online and available for print here! A solid issue with the usual offerings as well as a nice piece on Fixed Freestyle by the Prollsmaster.

    February 28th

    Up for download…go get it!

    Contents include: Riding Inside-The Track, GOrilla Or Go Home, Green-er Machines, I Love Riding in the City, Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan, Residue
    Roger Lootine, The State of the Union for Bicycling and Walking, Bikes on Film, Crank Arm Removal, Layering for

    January 6th


    Iron City Bikes and Urban Velo have paired up again to bring you a crazy night of indoor bicycle racing, music, and beer.

    • Head To Head Bicycle Racing
    • No experience needed
    • $10 to race, first 30 to register will get a free tshirt
    • $2 Magic Hat Beers All night – 100% of Beer Sales goes to the Team
    • Prizes will be raffled off all night

    September 1st

    15 is up and you can grab it here!


    This shot is from their I Love Riding in the City preview posted yesterday
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