• kris
    April 16th

    Zane and the UVT/CFTY dudes flew out to Thailand a couple weeks back to ride with the locals and catch some clips. There’s a huge scene out there for FGFS right beyond what most can imagine. Maybe it’s all the dope spots or the weather but whatever it is these photos make me want to that trip out there I’ve always talked about. See more on the Us Verus Them bloggy


    September 26th

    Rad welcome edit for RSK joining the Us Versus Them crew. Dude’s got rails dialed especially with that long as hell double and big tooth over ender. Real good.




    February 18th

    Zane posted up some skate stuff from this last week so I’ve been waiting for this to droppp. Looks like damn good sesh with the Us Versus Them team. Devon and Jensen kill it in here and that ending is too clutch. So funny.  JDs transfer was super sick too.


    October 30th

    When you think of fixed gear photographers a few instantly come to mind. Matt Lingo is certainly at the top of the crop and with good reason. His photos are always stellar. These aren’t the usual crispy shots of a well known rider but rather some eerie shots from the recent Us Versus Them AWLF Full Moon Ride. Black and white is perfect for some Halloween vibes and these shots look sickkk. Peep the whole set here!