• kris
    October 15th

    Destroy dudes took a trip down to Southern California before Jaoa heads back to Thailand. This thing came together real well making for a good seven minute watch with Jaoa, Racho and a few things from some of the dudes down south. So good all the way through. Favorite clip? Probably that bar wheelie gap feeb from Valentin.





    August 16th

    This is the last of the action shots I brought back from the Summer Fix/Bills or Bust trip but certainly not the least. Valentin took home the Summer Fix title with smooth trucks and bar combos like no other. He still had some juice left and took it to the streets after throwing shit like this dialed 180 Tbog. Not a bad weekend for him before heading back to school!


    May 2nd

    This is  a mix of new and old footage of Valentin which really doesn’t make a difference. Kids got skills regardless. That first 180 bar is real clean.



    April 10th

    The Destroy fam scooped one of the best youngins out there and its safe to say Valentin put some work into this. He’s pretty much got every bar combo in the game in here not to mention some super fucking clean trucks. Lots of good street with a few park clips mixed in…and a huge 180 bar at Stanford to cap it off. Watch this one a couple times. Real good.