• kris
    March 10th

    The King of Vegas is easily one of the most notorious of street races of the year. With everyone in town for Interbike and the already congested strip this one can get a bit  hairy. From experience it seems like every bad driver in America decided to go party for the weekend…looks too damn fun!


    January 29th

    After getting a proper camera setup a couple years back this was the first “real” bit I uploaded. Having spent a handful of years in the desert looking at bikes this trip was easily one of my favorites. Words wouldn’t event do it justice. Grabbed these clips as we literally we’re headed for the freeway…still one of my favorites!



    April 27th

    Speaking of Unknown the US dudes made a trip out to Vegas and pieced this guy together. Im in the middle of moving so I missed it yesterday when Vince sent it over but oh man…check that last clip of the gap I posted before. Insane. Like seriously. Joe’s got some fresh clips in here too.

    December 26th

    Slum sent this to me yesterday but i couldnt peep it till this morning. A bunch of stuff from the past six months including some interbike fun and some bits of the grime boys. Real sick!

    November 11th

    Im going to be running little contests like this from time to time. Nothing too crazy up for grabs…but its free stuff! This month its a Macaframa DVD and some of the new stickers. I’m going to have this one be a “caption this photo” contests. Come up with something funny and creative for the photo of Colby from the Raleigh party we went to at Interbike. I think this shot from Terry is gold..and its relevant. Ha.

    Note: This is a sticky and the contest will run till the 11:59 PM Sunday!

    September 17th

    Its looking like I might not be making it to Interbike this year after all…but if you’re there make sure you hit this up! MASH drag race last year looked like a blast. Theres going to be so much going on in Vegas im sure it’ll be hard to get bored and incredibly easy to get lost.

    January 24th

    $1,000 Cash is always a good thing for a price. Seems like having cash will get a lot of people out racing.


    September 5th