• kris
    January 23rd

    I’ve been slacking on getting event fliers up lately so I’m trying to work on that. Kind of a pain when you have to go searching for them. Anywho, Velo Cult is hosting their first Goldsprints in PDX so if you’re up that way make sure yo be there. If you remember them from when they were in So Cal you know they can throw a hell of a party. Going to be fun.

    December 18th

    We haven’t had one of these in Sac for a bit…and i never made it to the ones we had. We need this to happen here again so i can pull out my nasty old jacket! Velo Cult keeping bikes fun with a tweed ride…

    April 15th

    These have been up a couple places already but Matts stuff is always good good enough to get up again. A few snaps from some down time at Velo Cult. Good grief…that frame is amazing.

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