• kris
    October 20th

    FOAD‘s long awaited “The Good Times Are Killing Me” is releasing this Saturday with premieres all over the globe. If you’re in Sacramento you’re in luck as we’re teaming up with Velo Trap to be of the first to screen this bit of epicness. If you aren’t lucky enough to be near one of the events hang tight ’til Monday with the full video hits the web! We’ll be starting at about 8pm with the actual screening at 9 so if you’re local be sure to swing by…




    May 23rd

    Even with all the eye candy parked at Velo Trap this bronze Panasonic demands attention the moment you walk in. The bright orange is impossible to miss and as shiny as the day it first hit the track. One of the many NJS frames at the trap this is still one of my favorites if for nothing more than the color…





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    May 16th

    With a proper cache of vintage track and road bikes the newly revamped Velo Trap here in Sacramento has become the go-to for urban cycling. Though they stock or can order just about anything, it’s these rare NJS  frames and other track goods that really help them stand out. Ill be popping by the next couple of weeks to share some of the jewels hanging in the shop and if you haven’t paid them a visit it would be well worth a peek! With a single flare fork crown and that green sparkle paint this Samson is just the tip of the iceberg…




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