• kris
    April 9th

    Here’s a few shots of the other Denver shredder Jeffery Crist’s ride form when the Team Mayhem dudes were out here a couple weeks back. He’s rocking a Super Pista same as Jeff but in the white colorway. Found this riding shot from the event that I hadn’t posted yet either…click through to see a few more shots of his bike. Dont forget that the last race of the Velogold Circuit is coming in hot at the end of the month. Going to be sick I’m sure.



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    April 4th

    I waited a bit to post this as to keep the Velogold Circuit posts to about one per day haha. Bobby threw together this rad highlight reel from the crit a couple of weekends ago. Came out super good with a lot of solid shot with the steady cam and crane. Good work dudes.


    February 24th

    Today was the first race of the three part Pedal Hard Series here in Sac. I rode along in a car following the riders and snapped some flicks of the race. Pretty beat so I’ll do a whole write up tomorrow but until then here’s a shot of the 3rd place pack rounding a corner on the 60+ mile course from today. Fun mellow Sunday for me.