• kris
    October 27th

    Yesterday was Pedal Hard‘s “Do You Even?” race here in Sacramento. With a decent group of about 20 the dudes set out around 10:30 and started showing up as early as 1:00 after a 60 mile ride through Prairie City. The last sprint of the race was a bit hectic with #yungfixie Alex Gonzalez and Tyler from the shop having to go off course  to avoid a car. After some deliberating it was decided that the course is the course end of story so a change in the order of the finish was tallied up. Shawn Remy came out on top and took home the Chrome Coveted jersey. Josue Acosta and Adam Beltz aka “Velogold” rounded out the podium.


    1st: Shawn Remy

    2nd: Josue Acosta

    3: Adam Beltz


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    August 7th

    When I met up to shoot Robbie’s Low a couple weeks back one of the local couriers Adam rolled through with his Maca Raleigh. It’s hooked up with Omniums, some Thompson goodies and of course that tri spoke on the front. Photos after work usually means shitty lighting despite it being summer so we hit the I street bridge in downtown Sac to make a go of it. A lot of the snaps came out too dark or blurry but did like a few and his ride is just too nice to pass up.



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    April 9th

    Here’s a few shots of the other Denver shredder Jeffery Crist’s ride form when the Team Mayhem dudes were out here a couple weeks back. He’s rocking a Super Pista same as Jeff but in the white colorway. Found this riding shot from the event that I hadn’t posted yet either…click through to see a few more shots of his bike. Dont forget that the last race of the Velogold Circuit is coming in hot at the end of the month. Going to be sick I’m sure.



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    February 27th

    Bobby sent over the video highlights from last weekends race and I think you can tell it was a solid event. Dig the editing on this for sure…he was was carrying around that glide cam for about 3 hours. Crit next month should be just as good. Race results are below as well.


    1. Adam Beltz
    2. Josh mc Cann
    3. Patrick Curley
    4. Emilio Palamares
    5. Corey browning
    6. Jordann Ramirez
    7. Jordan Yee