• kris
    January 27th

    Victoire always puts in 110% when it comes to designing new goods. From their hubs to their track frames they give it their all and end up with awsome looking products like this new beauty. Their Urban CX frame has some awesome lines top to bottom with some rad dropouts, integrated cable guides and the always rad looking trans red over raw finish. I don’t post much cyclocross stuff on here but hot damn I want to own this. Peep the whole set on their flickr!




    July 16th

    Chances are if youre buying a set of Victoire hubs youre planning on building them up proper. Now you can save some time and have a set of H+Son, Velocity or carbon clincher hoops laced up professionally and dropped at your door. Built up these things look pretty beast.



    July 5th

    Victoire dropped some new threads that are about as nice as the bikes they build. The comic themed “Dark Cave” right here was my favorite of the three new pieces they have up. Swoop here!


    January 14th

    Victoire quickly made a name for themselves as a company . Their hubs are clean as hell with close attention to detail by design. Threaded, splined, low flange or high the choice is yours. Either way your wheels are going to looks sick 3ith these holding them together. See the whole line up here!