• kris
    February 10th

    Some rad stuff dropping tomorrow morning from God & Famous and Road Runner Bags. This collabo has been a long time coming and definitely came out looking real nice. Check back tomorrow for more or hit God & Famous in the AM to swoop!


    December 21st

    Stoked to see two rad companies teaming up on this one right here. I thought that maybe I missed this but it looks like these just went up yesterday. Burro with the handmade quality and Slurp with the style. Get all that random stuff out of your pocket and into your bright ass wallet. I’m actually about ready for a new wallet. This might be necessary. Buy ’em here…cause you know…that holiday 2012 just dropped today!


    April 10th

    If I needed a wallet right now I’d be trying to swoop one of these up. Made of old Thompson bags these things are cycling gold. They were here but are sold out now…though it appears there are some other wallets in the works so stay on tracko!

    November 16th

    Now im not saying im into these…but they are pretty cool. If anyone has any info on them please share!

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