• kris
    July 31st

    Today is the last day to enter the @gutterbutterwax x @lockedcog #stayonyogrind instagram contest. Had a bunch of real good photos go up so far so I picked a few of my favorites below. If you’re trying to get in on this you have until midnight tonight to post one up. Post a grind photo, mention us and you might win a 3 month supply of wax, couple tees and some sticker/button packs from Gutter Butter and I. #stayonyogrind






    January 19th

    Epiffny just posted up that their Brain Wax is now online for you to swoop. Ill have some in my hands here soon and Ill let yall know how it is! Dig the brain mold soooo much. Sick stuff guys. Grab it here

    January 13th

    Just got an email about these little guys. Pretty sick looking mold for some wax. Jump over to Epiffny to get your grind on.