January 16th

If you keep up with the crew at The Heavy Pedal you’ve probably noticed them making some big moves as of late. Already slated to release their much anticipated Axiom now you can lighten things up a bit with these proper carbon clinchers. These bad boys will roll out the box laced up to some smooth Gran Compe hubs and some proper branding. More once I get my grubby hands on these and in the meantime be sure to check them on IG to keep up on the daily!


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July 15th

The friends at Revolights shot me some of their City wheels to toss on one of my bikes for a little run through the ringer. Going to toss these on my State basket bike for those bike parties and fun nights out cruisin’ around. More once I get these set up!


January 16th

Not only are the Favor Bikes wheels in this Spun flick super dialed but there’s some solid riding after the one minute mark. Some good motivation for the ride home from work.



July 16th

Chances are if youre buying a set of Victoire hubs youre planning on building them up proper. Now you can save some time and have a set of H+Son, Velocity or carbon clincher hoops laced up professionally and dropped at your door. Built up these things look pretty beast.



November 15th

Looks like the dudes at Eighthinch just got in a shipment of their super affordable Amelias. Best part? New colors. Check em and swoop em for you next budget build or to get an old conversion going for a friend. Just over 100 bones for wheels, tires, cog and lockring is a bout as good as it gets. Swoop here.

October 29th

There’s a couple days left to get your photo in for a chance to win a new handbuilt wheel set from Eighthinch. All you have to do is upload a photo of your hammered wheels to their Facebook and you might be rolling on some new Buellers or Julians.

October 17th

I love taco bell. When Noah sent this over to  me yesterday I was stoked ha. The dudes are running a little contest that could land you a new set of wheels handbuilt by them! You’ve got the rest of the of the month to drop  a photo of your garbage wheels on the Eighthinch Facebook page for a chance to win some Julians or Buellers. I’ve ridden them both to the ground and can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

April 26th

This is probably the best wheel build video I’ve seen! The long tedious task of prepping a wheel with tunes from Starfucker. So good! I couldn’t imagine actually doing all this the way it was done. Spoiled with spoke calculators and cutter/threading tools.

January 31st

I feel like videos like this get lost on bike blogs more often than not. Nothing really crazy to see. No tricks. Nothing too informative. Yet someone took the time to make this. Personally I like it and think it’s interesting. So in light of that…what this nice track wheel get built to some mellow tunes :).

January 11th

These are what I’m rolling on right now and I love them! Haven’t had the slightest issue with them and they feel beastly. Here’s the Eighthinch press release below. You can snag the wheelset or just the hoops!

It’s been a long wait for some of you but our Bueller wheelsets and rims are finally in stock. The rims are double walled and 32mm wide making them perfect for use with a wider tire. We have them available as 26″ and 700c both with 36h drilling and eyelets. A few of our riders have been testing these and they hold up great for freestyle and bike polo. These wheels can handle almost anything you throw at them.

The rims are laced to 36h sealed bearing hubs with 10mm female axles. A 14mm rear axle conversion kit will be included with each wheelset to give you all the pieces you need to mount them in a 14mm dropout. Unfortunately the 14mm conversion kits did not make it in on this order but we are having them rushed in. If you order a set now they will come set up for 10mm dropouts but we will send you the 14mm axle kit free of charge as soon as they arrive. The rims sell for $39.50 each and the wheelsets are $224.50 on Cycling Closeouts. Expect for single hubs to be available once the axle kits arrive. Here is a rundown on the specs:

Size – 26″ or 700c
Drilling – 36h w/eyelets
Width – 32mm
Depth – 24.5mm
Weight – 26in/800g 700c/900g

36h drilling
fixed/fixed hub
sealed bearing
120mm rear, 100mm front spacing
10mm female axle with bolts
14mm rear axle conversion kit (includes 14mm axle, bearings, seals, washers and bolts)

Wheelset Weight – 26in/2820g 700c/3060g