• kris
    January 31st

    Keeping the Detroit scene alive out there repping DPH! Shea and Will moved to some different climates so these dudes are holding it down. I couldn’t imagine riding in the snow like that. Frozen Milwaukee once was enough for me haha. That rail there at the end looks super fun! Dig it duders.

    September 16th

    Will hit me up a while back about his move to Black Market and he seemed really stoked to be heading that way. I’ve been teammates with him for a bit so it’ll be sad to see him go but hot damn does that new ride look good! Had no idea he was going to be moving out this way into the Cali sun however. Making moves all day! Good shit dude.

    May 10th

    The guys at Eighthinch made this cute little flier with out mugs on it. I know im stoked to go and you should be trying to get there if you can! Im not really into riding contests but really enjoy getting to see everyone and hit some spots with them. Last year went off and im sure with the warmer temps this years Midwest wont disappoint. Im pretty pumped for Jeff to be making it out there with me…kids coming along fast for sure!