• kris
    December 16th

    Not sure what it is about the build up of winter’s nastiness that looks so good but I do love it. When it’s exceptionally wet out I like riding my old Cannondale for the daily runs and it sure gets a nice little makeover. Hard to beat a solid road bike for those typhoon days and dummy drivers who’ve never seen a rain cloud!


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    December 13th

    I was just asking people what winter wear they rocked to stay dry the other day. I’ve been looking for something a bit different than the usual shell from the shop. These are looking pretty fresh from Chari. If its as nice as their other stuff you know its going to perform well. Dig it. Stay dry. Buy here.

    March 12th

    Here’s a super cool piece from Bikeminimalism. A seriously well shot and edited video about getting out on your bike regardless of what the weather brings you. The voiceover is really cool and well written as well. Even though we don’t get snow here in Sacramento some of us ride all year round…just love being on the bike!

    January 24th

    Fun and freezing stuff from BodaBodaNYC. It was 71 degrees here on saturday…which is unusual…regardless i couldnt imagine being out on my bike in the single digits right now. Dedication for sure making an occasional train ride in to work understandable. Haha.