• kris
    December 4th

    Woof keeping the cool stuff coming with these new World Bridge phone cases. Cool that these are available for iPhone 4 and newer. Even cooler that he made a rad little video to show these bad boys off. Hit World Bridge with an email to swoop!





    November 7th

    Another cool one from Woof with this image you can customize and post on your own. Inspired by a local sticker/saying Woof made this to be posted on instagram with an image of yourself and the has tag #godsavethebicyclerider. Neat-o idea for sure. More here!


    October 21st

    Woof with a play on the 1968 song by Archie Bell and the Drells. Not something a lot of people have heard unless your parents have a knack for oldies or you work with some crazy old guys who know all the words. Definitely just listened to two old dudes sing it so I fall into the later. More on Woof!




    October 7th

    Always dig the graphics Woof comes up with. A little homage to Samson with this one. Perfect.


    July 30th

    A long one from Woof but some good clips in the mix for sure. That hang up on the cable hop at 1:06 looked nasty as hell. Really into seeing the Jakarta spots and scenery through all this.



    June 4th

    Haven’t been to the Woof spot in a minute but as usual there’s some solid stuff going up on the regular. This is “Get a Grip” piece is a nice bit of illustration. I dig the idea behind dropping random artwork here and there. Looks good. More on Woof.