• kris
    April 25th

    Matt upped an alternate shot of Wonka and this dipped tooth over from Word is Bond. Have to agree that this has to be Ed’s signature move right here and Say caught this one perfect. Got these down better than anyone!


    April 20th

    Been a long time coming and well worth the wait for Turf’s “Word is Bond” world premiere. Catch the dudes going all in for this first feature from the team. A full 30 minutes of nothing but good lines and hammers the whole way through so I’ll spare you the laundry list of tricks and let y’all see for yourself! I’ve watched it a couple times already so be prepared to have your ass planted for this one…grab some snacks and watch some of the realest freestyle riding there is…



    “After nearly a year of filming with the Turf Mob we’re proud to introduce our first video as a team (Word Is Bond). We spent most of 2013 filming across the US, with riders from all over the world, and have now assembled something that we’re stoked to show. Thank you to everyone who helped film, drive, watch for security, buy snacks, and come out to ride. This video wouldn’t haven been possible without you.”

    TURF MOB : (Order of Appearance)
    Ed “Wonka” Laforte
    Devon Lawson
    Anthony Combs
    Jonathan Davis
    Christian Hamrick
    Mike T Schmitt
    Jimmy Watcha
    Matt “Slumworm” Reyes



    April 7th

    Turf’s Word is Bond premiered this past weekend in SF and is headed to SJ this weekend for its final live showing. Hoping to swing by to peep it before it hits the web for free next week! Here’s a few screen caps from Jimmy Watcha’s part in the flick…I’ve seen it already and hot damn does this kid rip. More on Wheel Talk