• kris
    April 2nd

    Just spotted this bike check from Nelson at Zlog and his 29er Destroy build. Thing looks rad and this style of bike check really is the shit. Pretty beast over that tape at the end too. Dig this.


    January 25th

    Just popped over to Zloggy for a sec and spotted a couple rad photos of Jakob. Looks like these are from when they CFTY ran up to Seattle. The sequence below is super dope but there’s another shot after the jump that’s just as rad. Hit Zlog.


    November 5th

    Zach sent over his latest ZLGBTQ offering earlier tonight and I’d have to say these turned out pretty rad. Teaming up with 19tooth to get your feet secure and looking good. Dig the gold logo Zloggy has been using lately. These are limited so grab a pair before they’re gone!

    November 2nd

    Zach sent these over to me last night and I’m pretty sure these are my favorite of the Zlog sticks. I’m just kind of a sucker for vinyl cut logos that’s for sure. Grab some of these in the Zlog Boutique!

    October 14th

    Looks like there’s  a new official member of the Zloggy crew. Nelson drops some sick stuff in this and finishes off his Charmer as well. Gotta watch those frames snapping it can get messy! Dig this one though.

    August 22nd

    Gotta dig an event for a good cause! The Can’t Fool the Youth crew is up in the Northwest right now filming so Zloggy took the opportunity to get a little fixed freestyle event together. A demo and a showing of CFTY sounds pretty sick to me. What I really like about this is that a portion of the proceeds fro this are going to help Steven Jensen’s sister. Too rad. Check the original post here and hit the facebook page if you’re going!

    July 10th

    Zach sent over the newest edition of STFU a little bit ago and its real good. Looks like FGFS is thriving up north with 10 locals in this shredding for 8 minutes. Way too much to call out in this so just sit back and watch some OGs and newjacks getting to business in Sea Town. I do want to point out that its that time of year for birthdays and Zloggy is up first heading into its fifth year now. Pretty sure BHSK and I both celebrate the same thing in a few weeks. Stoked to see that everyone is still alive and kicking after all this time in the fixed world. Oh nostalgia.

    June 5th

    Jacob getting some solid night riding in on his trip to Taiwan! I’m pretty stoked on this edit. Multiple angles, cool spots and a mix of tricks in another country? Yes please. Jacob repping CSK and Zloggy real proper!

    May 22nd

    It’s never too late for a Red Bull Ride N’ Style edit. Especially when it just be the best one yet! Zlog bringing us some good footage of the event…everyone goofing around and all. Man did this event go off in 2012!

    May 11th

    All you’re going to get from me is a photo and a link :)…if you want the scoop hit Zloggy up! Peep the new patented hubs from Radio that are coming out this year. You wanted driver hubs that you could buy separately? Done.