• kris
    April 8th

    Just got a nice little surprise form the dudes at Zontrac. My first sets of straps in yearsss just got here and I can’t wait to see what’s good. Looking at the quality of the straps and the packaging these things are made super well. Have to get a detailed post on ’em up here real soon. Some fresh shirts in there and a shit ton of stickers…all looking well made. Hit up their spot if you’re looking for some straps as they just dropped their prices. Thanks a ton dudes!




    April 5th

    Jan just sent over this update from Zontrac about a drop in the price of their V.2 Powerstraps. They’re spending less to make them which means you’re spending less to roll with some. Hit the Zontrac spot to swoop a pair. Mine should be here in the next week so I’ll be able to check them and get something up on them after I get them in my grubby hands.


    March 29th

    Last week I posted about some big changes on the way this year and here’s one of them that I could not be more stoked about. As most of you know I don’t usually run straps on my freestyle bike or at least haven’t in the past few years. After talking with some friends in the industry who really know whats good I decided to give them a whirl again. Not sure how or if it will affect my riding but with the drastic change in freestyle rides over the past couple years I’m curious to find out. I’m stoked to be a part of the Zontrac family and to have the opportunity to rep a brand that is constantly putting in work and with has solid team. Look for more from them as we work on some stuff in the coming months. Huge shout out to Jan at Zontrac for the being so cool about getting me on board and being excited about what’s to come!


    March 27th

    Alex is out there putting in mad work these days it seems. Here’s a second two post day in the past week for him with a rad Zontrac ad. He’s got those ice picks on lock I’d say. Dig this shot. Hit his Zontrac profile to download this and toss it on your desktoppp.


    March 22nd

    I’m pretty stoked to be posting up this news right now form Zontrac and their new Contributors Team. There’s a lot of people out there helping to push the sport that deserve some recognition for their art, video, photo and other types of creativity in the fixed gear world. Jason Sellers should be no stranger with all the work he puts in on his spot FWD BOUND. Some of the best fixed freestyle photography I’ve ever seen right there and lot of it. I know there’s a couple things in the works for the series and am stoked to see Jason get the first spot. Look for more on this over the coming months.


    March 7th

    David from Shred sent over this official Zontrac welcome bit for Laurent. He just got on the team a few days ago and I’m sure he’ll be a good fit with their pretty diverse setup. Lots of rad European spots and solid riding from Laurent. That 180 x at 1:17 was toooo clicked. Late start to the day on here but this is a good way to do it for sureee.



    February 22nd

    Ricardo sent a sneek of this over yesterday. Pretty damn sick one with a hefty rail ender from the dudes at Zontrac. They’ve been putting out some quality stuff lately…wouldnt be surprised to see them grow a lot this year.



    February 7th

    Same footage but remixed. I’m down for that considering how good this Jaoa Zontrac bit was the first time around. Check this again. That feeble nollie bar just looked too easy.


    January 18th

    JaOa has been on the up and up lately with his dialed style. Really dig the vibes in this and there’s some solid tricks in the mix. Feeble nollie bar and that nosie are probably my favorite. Zontrac bringing it to us!


    December 5th

    Zontrac shot over their new catalog today for their 2012-2013. I also rolled across a new video for their Powerstraps. Have to say that both of these came out super good and are definitely some of the best promo pieces I’ve seen. Cool animation on the video and a not so drab lookbook. Dig it.