• kris
    July 29th


    When the first images of The Bruiser were leaked to the prominent fixed gear blogs there was a lot of wide-eyed pondering about where it belonged in the current market, with its strange geometry, unique down tube supports and brake mounts. While they get to chew on the pictures, Milwaukeeans can walk into Ben’s Cycle and check one out for themselves.

    We got a chance to talk with Drew Triplett, one of Milwaukee Bicycle’s designers about what it takes to get a great custom bike.

    OnMilwaukee.com: How many people does the Milwaukee Bicycle Company employ?

    Drew Triplett: Milwaukee Bicycle is under the Ben’s Cycle umbrella. It’s got two or three guys that work on the “Milwaukee Bicycle Team,” so to speak. I do all of the mechanical design for all of our products, but I’m also the Internet area manager. So we kind of wear a lot of hats around here.

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