• kris
    March 2nd

    Those of you who’ve been keeping up with me know the site know the look has been relatively the same for some time now. Ive gotten a bit bored with the design of it and am meeting up with my web Glenn to talk about some stuff tomorrow. I have some ideas for layout changes and colors and what not but I’m curious if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see. Running this site is time consuming though therapeutic in way…however, when it comes down to it I really am doing this for yall and my love of bikes. Ill also be getting some products on there way to being finalized in the coming months (nothing to crazy but stuff to drop loot on none the less). There should be a decent amount of original content that ill be bringing back. Truth is Ive gotten busy and lazy at the same time so things like “Lunchbreak Lookout” and original edits are now few and far between. Here’s some stuff to be on the lookout for:

    – New soft goods and a few hard goods to get your hands on.
    – Collaborations with some friendly peeps.
    – Regular video edits like they used to be!
    – Staples like “This Week in Pictures!” and “Steady Rotation” being much more frequent.
    – A zine available in the store that will be local to Sac but still worth checking out.
    – The return of Effin Fridays! (and a bit of coverage from each week)
    – Some events and group road trips with coverage.
    – Group and themed rides set up through the site.
    – Reviews on some solid products (some of which im on right now).
    … a few other things i won’t mention right now but should be real dandy :).

    However, the real point of this post is not to tell you what to do but rather to ask you what you’d like to see on here. I know there aren’t floods of comments coming in on here but if yall could be so kind as to drop some ideas I’d be more than stoked. Thanks for the continued support!

    Here’s to moving forward!
    – Kris