• kris
    September 11th


    This is a pretty cool story, i really want to see the film now.

    When Igor Kenk watched TV, he’d flip between business news and the Speed Channel.

    When he needed music to smooth the day’s rough edges in his rundown bike shop, he turned to postmodern classical.

    And when he sat down like Tony Soprano with a female therapist last fall, Mr. Kenk was almost apologetic, in his profanely articulate way, as he rationalized his compulsion to hoard bicycles.

    “It would sound idiotic,” he said, “but basically, I would have been ready, if shit falls down the drain, I would be able to service hundreds of thousands of people with their bicycle needs.”

    These are but a few of the gleanings of Robin Benger and Christopher Sumpton, a filmmaking duo who followed Toronto’s most notorious bike repairman and alleged thief for nearly a decade, through his high-profile arrest last summer right up to when his bail was revoked in December.

    Since then, the 50-year-old Mr. Kenk, an ex-cop who grew up behind the Iron Curtain in Cold-War Slovenia, has been held awaiting trial in the cramped Don Jail, from which he sends the occasional letter in compact, tidy, pencil-written script.

    “He’s an eccentric, he’s an iconoclast and he has a relationship with criminality and violence, which is interesting,” said Mr. Benger, who first met Mr. Kenk in 1999 at his Queen Street West shop, where he’d gone to look for his own stolen bike. Read the rest at theglobeandmill.com